zaycev.net is one of most popular music portals in Russia and former USSR countries.


  • Led the development team
  • Refactored, re-supported, re-developed official Android application of zaycev.net music portal. During my support Google Play Store rank of application had increased from 4.5 to 4.8, number of downloads increased to 8 millions.
  • Authentication mechanism for Android and iOS clients
  • Zaycev Browser, a unique iOS app that combines web-surfing and music searching through page visits and official iOS app of zaycev.net allowing to listen and download music
  • Official iOS application for zaycev,net
  • Official Windows Phone application for zaycev.net
  • Official Tizen application for zaycev.net that was available at Tizen Store at the moment of it’s opening.

Take a look at Music Portal, Google Play Store application


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